Body Lift Surgery Tightens Sagging Skin

Body lift surgery is ideal to tighten sagging skin on the lower half of the body. Thighs, hips, and buttock-area skin that sags is no fun, especially if you’ve lost a significant amount of weight. You want to celebrate your weight loss and show off your new figure, but how can you when you’re self-conscious about unsightly sagging skin?

That’s where body lift surgery comes into play. Through the skill of Dr. Bruggeman and his team, your skin can be tightened so that you no longer see the flapping, sagging skin that reminds you of your former self. Any excess fat that refuses to budge through diet and exercise in these areas may also be removed or reshaped through liposuction, which provides you with the contoured, beautiful shape you desire.

How Much Does Body Lift Surgery Cost?

The costs of body lift surgery vary according to the exact nature of the procedure. The first step is to make an appointment with the staff at Bruggeman Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics. After meeting with you and reviewing your health history, goals, and needs, you’ll receive a complete and detailed review of the recommended procedure. This includes the costs of full body lift surgery and the price you’ll pay for the specific body lift you need.

Thigh Lift, Hip Reduction, Full Body Lift Surgery All Possible

Thigh lift, hip reduction, or full body lift surgery? It’s all possible. The first step to determine which procedure benefits you the most is to make an appointment with Bruggeman Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery. We’d love to discuss your needs, treatment options and the price of body lift surgery. We’re here to answer your questions.