Botox, Facial Line Treatment

Laugh lines, forehead lines, facial lines…with Botox, you can erase lines caused by repeatedly squinting, smiling, or laughing. Botox injections temporarily relax facial muscles so that fine lines disappear. It can be used for wrinkle prevention or to temporarily erase forehead lines, laugh lines and more.

How Much Does Botox Cost?

The cost of Botox treatment varies according to each person. That’s because it’s not just one injection, but many, delivered precisely to ease forehead lines, laugh lines and more.

We need to meet with you, examine your skin, and see precisely where Botox applications may be beneficial. Then we can tell you the price of your Botox treatment, and we may be able to recommend other non surgical, non invasive treatments too for skin rejuvenation.

Laugh Often, Erase Laugh Lines

So laugh often, and laugh well. But erase those laugh lines! Lines in your forehead and face occur from repeated muscle use over time. And while laugh lines do mean you’re a happy person, they can also age you, as can other facial lines.

Learn more about Botox injections and make an appointment today. We’ll answer all your questions, including the cost or price of Botox, and help erase signs of laugh lines, crow’s feet, and more.