Breast Implant Exchange

Many people these days are downsizing their implants. The styles of breast implants in the past few decades were bigger than the average implants being placed today. Yet, it is still true that 30% of people getting implants return in a year for bigger implants. Also, many of the implant companies recommend exchanging them at 10 years to avoid rupture.

These are all good reasons to have your implants exchanged. Whether it is to change the size of your breasts or to obtain an upgraded implant, the process of exchanging your implants is relatively simple. Most people need only a few days to recover. If it is necessary to revise the pocket then there may be some discomfort. but most often only incisional tenderness is to be expected.

Sometimes implant removal can be performed in the office (if the implants are saline and the patient is thin). Other times this is not appropriate. If patients have large breasts or gel implants are being used, it’s almost always necessary to have them exchanged in the operating room.

If a person is downsizing their implants then a Breast Lift may be necessary. Sometimes people are interested in having their implants removed all together in which case a Breast Lift can be performed.

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