Growing up I enjoyed art and knew that I wanted to go to medical school. Plastic Surgery seemed to be a good fit and I chose to work towards that early in life as a high school student.  I feel blessed to have had things work out to do that.  As I have practiced over the years I have come to enjoy working with and getting to know my patients.  Helping them to achieve their goals has been as rewarding as performing the surgeries themselves.

I finished residency in Plastic surgery and started practicing in 2003.

Yes, Patients that have consented to the use of their photos for educational purposes may be viewed in the office.  You will have the chance to sign a release as well, in order for us to use your photos for in office education or to have them posted on our website if you choose.  We also give you the opportunity to speak with other patients that have had surgery and are willing to speak with new patients.  You can let us know as well if you are willing to talk to others about your experience.

This is a particularly difficult question for me to answer, since one of the aspects of plastic surgery that I always liked was the diversity of procedures. For me I would say it is a tie between breast augmentation and body contouring.

Complications can happen with any surgery.  Rates vary depending on the specific operation. Things like bleeding, infections and wound healing complications happen from 3-10% of the time.  If a return to the OR is necessary then I do not charge my surgeon’s fee but the fees for the OR and anesthesia still apply.

Typically 3-5 days for a breast augmentation.  1-2 weeks for a tummy tuck and other body contouring procedures.  Large cases like a body lift may take up to 6 weeks to heal completely but typically only a couple of weeks of work are lost.

Typically you will need pain pills for the first 2-3 days after surgery then only intermittently.  Occasionally patients will need pain pills at night to be able to sleep.  I usually prescribe Percocet or Hydrocodone post-op and antibiotics if drains are used.

No almost never with breast implants but routinely with abdominoplasty surgery.  The types of drains I use are the same diameter inside as the part you can see and rarely hurt when they come out.

If you get motion sickness easily then you are likely to need medication to prevent getting sick from anesthesia.  With the proper medication even sensitive patients usually wake up comfortable.  I recommend general anesthesia for most surgeries except for limited liposuction and Body and FaceTite procedures that can be done in the office.

This is a very difficult question to deal with, because I feel that it is important that I protect the privacy of my patients. I specifically will never disclose any patient name or phone number under any circumstances. In the past (on rare occasion), I have had an ex-patient call a new patient who wanted to speak with someone who had been through the process.

I use steri-strips on incisions during the healing process to minimize tension on the repair (hopefully minimizing the scar). Silicone sheeting is an effective treatment for scar management and can make a real difference.  I recommend to begin using them 2-3 weeks after surgery.  These must be used for 3 months to be effective and I can help you find sources for their purchase. 

I do not recommend extreme dieting before or after surgery as your body will need the building blocks of good nutrition to heal.  I do recommend a multivitamin, added Vitamin C, Zinc, and increased protein while you are healing.  An excellent source of all of these nutrients in one drink is Juven(trademark sign)

You will be given post-op instructions specific to your surgery. 

You will have Dr. Bruggeman’s cell phone number and instructions on what things you will need to call for after your surgery.

Payment in full is required a week before the surgery.  It will be refunded if you let us know before hand.  It you don’t show up for your surgery then not all of the money is refunded as resources, time, personnel have been allocated for the surgery.  We offer “Care Credit” to help pay for some or all of your treatment/surgery.