Ear Plastic Surgery Overview

Ear plastic surgery offers correction for ear deformities or repositioning of the ears for an improved appearance. Otoplasty, or ear pinning, is often done once people are finished growing in their teens to correct ears that stick out.

Ear plastic surgery offers a minimally invasive way to correct the position,size, or shape of the ears. It can be done under local anesthetic, and the results are long-lasting.

Ears Pinned Back (Otoplasty)

Some children are born with ears that stick out or away from their heads. Time may correct it, but if it doesn’t, having the ears pinned back (otoplasty) is a relatively safe and straightforward procedure. It involves only a small incision behind the ear which is usually hidden by a person’s hair.

The results of having the ears pinned back or otoplasty are long-lasting and look very natural. Ear surgery should only be done on teens and adults, since the ears are still growing in children. But once you’ve reached maturity, this surgery can correct many physical abnormalities that may make you uncomfortable or self-conscious about your appearance.

How Much Does Ear Plastic Surgery Cost?

Like all surgeries, ear plastic surgery includes many costs, such as the cost of the surgeon’s time and follow up visits. We’d like to meet with you first before providing you with the cost of ear plastic surgery to ensure that no other procedures may be requested at the time of ear surgery. The doctor may recommend another procedure, for example, if he doesn’t think you’ll get the results that you want from ear plastic surgery alone.

In some cases, ear plastic surgery may be covered by insurance, especially if it is to correct a birth defect or abnormality or to fix the result of an accident. Please make an appointment first to learn more about the procedure. We can provide you with the price of ear plastic surgery or ears pinned back at the time of your appointment.