Neck Bands? Face Lift May Be the Answer

Are you embarrassed by neck bands? Sagging jowls, cheeks, or wrinkles? A traditional face lift may be the answer to embarassing neck bands and other issues that make you look and feel older.

Traditional Face Lift (Rhytidectomy) Facts

A traditional face lift (rhytidectomy) uses surgery to lift, smooth, and shape the face. It can be used to correct frown lines, wrinkles, sagging cheeks or jowls, or fix unsightly neck bands. Some people use it to contour their neck or face so that they appear more youthful.

Face lifts are used by both men and women to improve their appearance, and it’s a more common procedure than you might think. Many people feel that their appearance affects everything from their job prospects to their self esteem.

If you’ve tried topical treatments, creams, lotions, and other procedures to turn back the clock and correct wrinkles and sagging skin but you still aren’t satisfied with the results, please call us today.

Cost of Neck Bands and Face Lifts

We can discuss the best procedures to help you achieve your desired look. At that time, we can also discuss the cost of correcting neck bands, a face lift, or any procedures that we recommend. The exact price can only be determined after we have met in person, reviewed with your your goals and desired outcomes, and the doctor has assessed the best treatment options for you.

Are you ready to get rid of those neck bands forever? Lifted those cheeks and removed saggy jowls? Make an appointment with Dr. Bruggeman at Bruggeman Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery for a consultation today.