Non Invasive Skin Tightening [FORMA by InMode]

Forma non invasive skin tightening is the “no downtime” skin tightening solution! Often called the “red carpet facial” because of its widespread use among celebrities, this thermal tissue stimulation device offer refreshed, renewed, and tighter-looking skin with no downtime.

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

The secret to Forma from InMode Aesthetic Solutions is the use of high intensity radio frequency skin tightening waves. These waves heat the sub dermal layers of the skin, encouraging the production of nature’s natural firming agent, collagen. At one million pulses per section, with tightly controlled temperatures for your safety, Forma works quickly to stimulate your skin’s natural tightening abilities.

The results speak for themselves – beautifully firm skin that actually looks better as time elapses. Your skin looks youthful, radiant, tight and toned — all in just one treatment! It’s fast, convenient, non invasive, and requires no downtime.

No Downtime Skin Tightening

Forma offers no downtime skin tightening treatments that can be performed in our office during an afternoon or morning off. The immediate results, without any invasive surgery, means you can receive a Forma treatment and resume normal activities. It’s the no downtime skin tightening secret.

This treatment can be used on your face, eyes, neck, or any other area of the body that would look better with toned, tightened skin. Wrinkles naturally disappear. Crows feet are erased. Laugh lines, frown lines, you name it, all can be improved with a Forma treatment.

Forma from InMode Aesthetic Solutions – it’s the red carpet secret now available in Arizona!

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