Nipple Inversion

With pregnancy and breast-feeding sometimes the opposite of enlarged nipples can happen. This is termed “inverted nipples.” This happens when the ducts of the breast do not stretch to keep up with the breast growth. Oftentimes, this becomes a permanent problem especially if the breast does not return to its original size.

There is a simple solution for this. After breast-feeding is finished, the nipple can be recovered by dividing the ducts.

Step 1


This office procedure involves numbing the nipple first with ointment and then with an injection. If this is done with patience there is no pain involved.

Step 2

After the nipple is numb an 11 blade scalpel is used to divide the ducts.

Step 3

Then a device is used to hold the nipple in its new position so that it will heal properly. When done correctly the new appearance of the nipple will be maintained long term.

After the procedure it is possible for normal sensation to return. However, sometimes nerves are injured and sensation may be reduced. After this procedure it will not be possible to breastfeed again. If an unplanned pregnancy occurs then when the milk comes in it will go away similar to when you quit breastfeeding as there is no outlet for the milk.

Next episode we will talk more about changes to the nipple from pregnancy. Specifically the size shape and color of the areola and what can be done to improve it.